Striving for equity & inclusion

SMG works hard to develop and nurture a culture of inclusivity among our teams. We believe in empowering our people so they can do their best work. Our diverse workforce allows us to encourage employees to reach their highest potential – creating new ideas, developing stronger initiatives, and building a community of equity.



SMG leadership strives to empower our people to achieve their highest potential and do their best work by valuing diversified talent.



Our culture is constantly evolving and growing, and we encourage continuous learning to build a more diverse community.



By fostering a community of growth and learning, we encourage curiosity in order to develop a thriving workforce with new perspectives.

Our vision & mission

We value an engaged workforce and believe the best way to attract and retain diverse talent is to embrace new perspectives. Our vision is to have a diverse and inclusive community of employees and leaders that continuously deliver positive outcomes for our clients and partners. 

Solving problems, creating new strategies, and encouraging change help us provide superior results along with creating a rich and diverse workforce that is part of our core identity.

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