What to Look for in a Commercial HVAC Maintenance Provider

Searching for a commercial HVAC service provider can prove to be complicated. Services provided can differ from company to company; therefore, you need to ensure that your chosen provider will meet your specific requirements. 

Problems with your HVAC system can send customers away and cause an unpleasant working environment. Select a HVAC maintenance provider that is proactive in planning to avoid disruptions in your building and keep operations running smoothly. 

Choose a company with an extensive network of service providers that will be able to efficiently and effectively manage your HVAC system. Below are several aspects to consider when selecting the right partner for your needs. 

1. Expertise in Modern, Connected HVAC Systems

Today, technology has infiltrated nearly every aspect of our daily lives. This development has happened at an exponential rate. Rapid growth in technology can be difficult for anyone to keep up with, especially for something with the intricacies of modern HVAC systems. This is best left in the hands of commercial HVAC service providers  who are experienced with these advanced systems. 

A commercial HVAC system is much more complex than a residential system. It, therefore, requires an HVAC maintenance provider who is an expert with the current technology and mechanisms of the systems. 

2. Available On-Demand and Emergency Services

Not all issues arise during business hours, which means that on-demand and emergency services are crucial, especially in commercial units. The last thing you want is the business day getting interrupted by an HVAC system failure. 

An HVAC emergency can occur when least expected. According to CNN.com, a recent tornado ripped through Texas, causing damage to hundreds of homes and buildings. In a weather incident like this, immediate action is required, and disaster preparedness is imminent. You want to ensure you have the right HVAC maintenance provider available 24/7, including weekends.  

3. Full Compliance With All Laws Requiring State or Local Permits

A qualified HVAC maintenance provider must be fully licensed and compliant will all state and local laws and ordinances. There are many local vs. national provider requirements, so be sure to research your specific area. When considering a contractor, insist that all credentials and licenses come with their proposal. If you hire a contractor that is not fully licensed, the liability falls on you. If they do not meet the requirements, move on to the next provider. 

4. A Quality Reputation and Competitive Pricing

A lower price is not always synonymous with the better deal when comparing prices. Often this speaks to the company’s quality of worksmanship and attention to detail. Lower upfront costs can mean higher repair costs later down the road. Or even a system that needs replacing sooner rather than later. There are many strategic reasons to consider when a proposal lands on the table 

Before deciding, ensure that the commercial HVAC maintenance provider you choose gives you the best price AND has a quality reputation. Don’t be afraid to ask for references or ask around your network to get honest and valuable feedback.

5. A Provider That Uses Technology to Track Scheduled, Preventive Maintenance

An HVAC maintenance provider will use modern technology to stay organized and efficient. Their platform will make it easier to track and organize service requests and work orders throughout the company. The command center can  manage all maintenance calls. It ensures proper communication and visibility for you and the HVAC maintenance provider.  

Take the Guess-Work out of Commercial HVAC Maintenance Provider Selection With SMG Facilities

An HVAC maintenance provider is crucial in prolonging the life of your system. You want a partner that is well versed in technology, fully certified and licensed, and is an expert in their field. SMG Facilities has a pre-vetted pool of high-quality service providers and can get the job done right – the first time – and at a competitive price. Choose a commercial HVAC service provider  that is known for its excellence and growth. Choose SMG Facilities and call today!

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