How to Price Commercial Snow Services

Tropical storms, hurricanes, earthquakes, hail, and snow—these are just a few ways that nature communicates its sheer superiority over mankind. Staying home and looking through our windows sipping a hot cup of cocoa might seem like a great idea. For those in charge of facility management, however, this is not an option when there is the business and its facilities to address. Snowstorms bring about economic disasters of the worst kind indeed. According to NOAA the winter storm of February 2021 that occurred across much of the southern swath of the country was the costliest one. It was more than double the inflation-adjusted cost of theStorm of the Century of March 1993. With that in mind, many facilities managers are actively working to ensure their facilities and plans are ready. And snow removal services play a pivotal role in putting back a city that has come to a standstill, back on track. Let’s take a look at why it’s important to understand this concept, how facility management service providers can help, and a few tips for knowing how to price commercial snow services. 

The Risks of Improperly Managed Snow Build-Up

Failure to manage snow buildup and remove excess snow from property grounds comes with significant risks, including:

  • Risk to children and people on the grounds. 
  • The trouble with emergency services’ access to your facilities.
  • Refreezing ice and posing a risk of falls or slips.

Dealing with potentially hazardous snow pile-ups is easier when commercial snow services are properly maintained, but that inevitably means finding service providers at the right time and price. 

Facility Managers Need High-Quality Snow Removal Services Well Before Winter Arrives 

When should facilities managers start preparing for a snowstorm that might happen in the next year? The short answer is right now, and snow removal services should be another line item on the facilities manager’s maintenance checklist. Many things can go wrong, but working with a proven service provider can help to:

  • Ensure your exterior drains are free from blockages that could result in icy mountains forming along your walkways. 
  • Check to ensure all exterior outlets are properly covered and won’t be subject to the harsh damage of winter weather. 
  • Notate and address any exterior damage well before winter weather arrives. 

While the above can help, it is still reliant on a cohesive plan to address winter weather, meaning facilities managers need to also have the right commercial snow services provider on tap before winter arrives. 

What to Look for When Pricing Snow Removal Service Providers

Like any consumer, facilities managers should follow a few steps when pricing commercial snow removal services, including:

  • Review service providers that have a history of sustainable facilities management solutions. This can help your team reduce its carbon footprint. Hiring a commercial snow services company that is eco-friendly can increase the goodwill of the contractor also, and it is simply ethical business practice. 
  • Consider their available trucks and equipment. Knowing how many trucks and equipment will be available to help your facility is essential to overcoming the gargantuan challenges that accompany winter weather and snowdrifts.
  • Ensure they offer pre-emptive treatment with sand or salt. What’s not to love in a company that goes over and above to pre-prepare your pavements and walkways for winter weather. Pre-emptive treatments may require a bit more of the budget, but they can be a life-saver if they help to avoid falls and injuries when snow or ice arrives.
  • Know your Costs Versus Risks The fact is that more snowstorms destroy property and life than before, and not having a plan for winter weather services is planning to fail. More and more companies are therefore including facilities management companies with superior snowstorm handling capabilities for their annual maintenance and on-demand facility services throughout all the seasons. 

Stay Ready for the Next Snow Storm With SMG Integrated Facilities Services

Commercial snow services must not be an after-thought as spring and summer bring memories and fond feelings of vacation to the mind. The next snowstorm is indeed coming, and those without a plan will be out of luck. Furthermore, the need to manage the facilities management budget is mission-critical, and all facilities managers should know why snow services are valuable and how to price them, now, well before a storm hits. Connect with SMG Integrated Facility Services to learn more about how your business can be ready for the next need.


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