Signs You Should Outsource Facilities Management

In today’s world, facility managers struggle with using the best practices for the business while continuing to reduce unnecessary costs. Outsourcing with an established provider can greatly increase value and efficiency to the business without breaking the bank in cost. Looking more into outsourcing facility management  and how much attention  this option continues to receive, McKinsey & Company mentions how “outsourcing has now surpassed 50 percent of the total facilities management market in several regions, including Europe, Middle East, and North America.” More and more businesses are recognizing  the benefits outsourcing can provide by leveraging technology to track asset lifespans and maintenance or use that same innovative technology to effectively manage national rollouts. While continuing to reduce operating costs and provide more opportunities and resources for a business to succeed, outsourcing affords a multi-site operator a more efficient and often easier way to manage distributed facilities. However, it is important to recognize the signs of when it is time to outsource. 

You Need Increased Efficiency in Maintenance

Companies must have a plan for maintenance to avoid deferred issues leading to bigger problems. Outsourcing facility management can increase efficiency in day-to-day services while using advanced technology to track total maintenance costs and energy efficiency of building assets. Such advances in technology and efficiency with services can minimize the high costs of repairs and equipment replacements by fixing things well before they break. Facility management service providers also help businesses stray from unused old inefficient equipment that requires constant maintenance with new technology. Meanwhile, integrating robots and drones into the workplace, especially for dangerous services, such as high-rise window inspections, can benefit hazardous tasks, repetitive processes, and monitoring throughout the company. Together, outsourced facility management services create a more efficient maintenance strategy. 

Your Existing Work Order Process Lacks Technology

With all the other duties a facilities manager has to face, staying up to date with the latest innovation in technology can fall to the bottom of the priority list. Using an outsourced facility management provider can walk management through innovations and enhancements for the company without diverting the in-house team’s attention from high-priority needs. Enhancements, such as loT robotic cleaners and improvements in monitoring, can provide enhanced efficiency in a facility. Furthermore, lacking technology in tracking work orders and field service vendors will lead to lost opportunities for improvement. Plus, using digital systems for tracking maintenance gives rise to analytics-backed repair or replacement decisions too. 

Your Team Has Limited Experience

As the facilities management field continues to change at a rapid pace, facilities management professionals with limited experience will fall more and more behind on skills and techniques. Utilizing the best practices and trends through outsourcing can allow team members to learn new skills and techniques through implementation and ongoing exposure to new skills and technicians. Even with limited experience, outsourcing can help companies achieve new means of learning and training new team members with augmented reality (AR) too. Regardless of your team’s history, aligning your brand with the facilities management outsourcing trends puts your team in the student’s position to learn from experts in efficiency and quality of service. 

Field Service Vendors Are Difficult to Find

Facilities managers face common facilities challenges that include finding qualified vendors and growing the company portfolio of contracted services. Outsourcing can provide assistance with installing new assets and connecting them through technology to provide more resources to grow the business while maximizing the quality of facility assets. In addition to this, outsourcing to the right company will expand your portfolio of vendors to build more competitive environments that ensure your team isn’t overpaying for services of field vendor visits.

Unplanned, Reactive Maintenance Is Growing Uncontrollably

Having equipment breakdown or needing repairs can cost a significant amount, and unplanned downtime or the run-until-it-breaks approach will inevitably cost the company efficiency in getting the job completed quickly and without impact to your customers. Outsourcing facilities management can help companies implement a proactive maintenance program that will create scheduled repairs, limit interruption to the business and its customers, and extend asset longevity. when needed with the right steps.

You Need Sustainable, Green Management Practices

More institutions are choosing to focus on implementing green sustainability policies as part of a much broader ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) strategy that can help improve the environment. This is a wide-ranging facet of facilities management that includes using eco-cleaners and avoiding waste, including reduced energy use. Achieving such a green initiative can be difficult without raising operational costs, but using analytics to achieve this goal is among the top facilities management outsourcing trends. For instance, the right service provider will have the ability to compile the company’s goals and needs into a sustainability policy. Such a policy must meet the operational standards without sacrificing environmental goals. 

Choose the Right Facilities Management Service Provider to Maximize Outsourcing ROI

Outsourced facilities management services are an excellent way to overcome the barriers to efficiency in an organization. start by learning to recognize the signs that it is time to outsource. Also remember that by choosing the right partner, your team can focus on doing what it does best, interacting with customers, and effectively turning facilities management into a turnkey,worry-free process.  Contact SMG Facility Services to reap the benefits of integrated facility management for your business.


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