Top 5 Commercial Plumbing Problems Facility Managers Face

All buildings will experience commercial plumbing issues at some point throughout their occupancy of a facility. Implementing an effective facility asset management strategy can be the difference between costly repairs or minor repairs. Issues like clogged drains, damaged or aging pipes, silent leaks, or even just running toilets can present problems in the long term. Unfortunately, this is just a feature of maintaining a building. 

Clogged Drains

One of the most common facilities challenges faced by facilities managers is clogged drains. Owning or managing buildings will inevitably lead to some sort of clogged drain. Commercial properties deal with more of these issues than a typical household because of the volume of people utilizing facilities daily. Commercial plumbing experts typically find massive amounts of debris due to the sheer carelessness of the public. 

Damaged Pipes

Another common problem in commercial plumbing lies within the pipes. Commercial buildings are equipped with an extensive piping system. The larger the building, the more pipes are involved. This can lead to splitting, leaking, or even ruptured pipes within the building. The only way to prevent this is by providing proactive maintenance of facilities

Silent Leaks

Leaks sometimes cannot be found until it is far too late. In addition to clogged drains and damaged pipes, silent leaks plague the commercial piping systems. Due to the complexity of commercial plumbing, leaking is a reasonably common issue. However common leaks can be, it still does not mean they cannot be dangerous or detrimental to the overall health of the building and its occupants. Again, providing proactive and preventative maintenance throughout the facilities will only help save on the expenses incurred by a small leak that has been ignored. 

Aging Plumbing Fixtures

While proactive and preventative maintenance can solve many issues within a commercial building, proactive disaster preparedness can only take building managers so far. Commercial plumbing will erode over time with age and will need to be updated or replaced. This can be costly, but continuing to monitor the pipes, repairing, or replacing as required can prevent an entire system replacement. For facilities managers, the issues seem never to end once they begin. According to Facilities Net, they can last a long time with the proper care and routine maintenance, or they can degrade quickly and cost thousands of dollars. 

Running Toilets

Often overlooked when thinking about commercial plumbing,  running toilets can present other extensive issues like damage to walls, waterproofing around the toilets or floors. No matter the reason, toilets should never leak and should be addressed promptly. Depending on the size of the building and the number of toilets can easily shadow the issues plaguing the plumbing system making proactive maintenance even more pertinent to facilities management. 

Overcome Commercial Plumbing Problems by Partnering With the Right Service Provider

For the best in commercial plumbing, consider facilities management outsourcing for the right partners and service providers. Issues like aging plumbing fixtures, running toilets, broken valves, clogged drains, or damaged pipes do not need to be a problem. Finding the right commercial plumbing partner can lead to extended growth and success. Leave plumbing issues in the past by connecting with SMG Facilities Services to get started today. 

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