3 Fundamentals to Better Governance of Your IFM Strategy

Integrated facilities management, or IFM, brings all of a building’s services and activities under one roof and under the control of a single management team. Managers can streamline operations by outsourcing facilities management activities to one central location. The IFM strategy allows for better administration management, cheaper expenses, budgeting, a centralized place for maintenance, scheduling services, and preventative maintenance.

Integrated facilities management must focus on strategy and sustainability. According to FMLink.com, “We cannot achieve high-performance facilities without high-performance facility management. It requires a careful balance of inputs such as energy, labor, materials, and capital. In addition, it requires excellence in work processes such as maximizing space, utilizing technology, leading and managing our facility management workforce.

Consumers are focused more on sustainability than ever before, and the access to environmentally friendly products is greater than ever. In addition, facilities managers may implement green practices at your locations to help prevent negative environmental consequences. The balance and implementation of these fundamental ideas will change the overall sustainability of the facility and maximize the IFM strategy potential. 

Make Small Changes that Add Up Over Time in a Big Way

Many small and straightforward changes improve efficiency and add up over time. These improvements will change the carbon footprint from HVAC systems to swapping light bulbs and make IFM strategy implementation easier. Swapping out energy-wasting light bulbs and fixtures with LED lights is a simple yet highly effective way to reduce cost and energy use. They produce the same amount of light while using less energy, and they last for years. 

Replacing energy-wasting equipment with eco-friendly alternatives improves energy efficiency, uses green energy and is more sustainable. Looking for Energy Star Certification on appliances and equipment is a simple way to find eco-friendly goods.

Keep Up With Repairs and Maintenance Work Across the Board

A thorough and innovative maintenance checklist prevents significant mishaps from occurring and will keep equipment running at its fullest potential. It also allows managers to easily track and monitor where and when energy is used and wasted and adjust accordingly. When equipment, such as vehicles, appliances, and machinery, are not adequately and routinely maintained, they have to work harder, leading to significant problems and making them less efficient. Less efficiency means more fuel and energy used and emitted into the environment. Ensure that routine and preventative maintenance are implemented and are part of the IFM strategy used to improve sustainability. Neglected equipment leads to breakdowns and delays, increasing overall costs and resources in day-to-day operations. 

Reduce Environmental Impacts by Actively Working to Protect Nature

Simple, small efforts such as planting trees, reducing fuel use, lowering carbon emissions, and similar programs can help improve overall sustainability and the IFM strategy effort. Initiating more indoor and outdoor plants improves appearance, mood, air quality, and overall sustainable facilities management goals. 

Engage management and customers by offering recycling stations throughout the facility. This is a simple and effective way to reduce the facility’s carbon footprint. Sustainable facilities can also recycle construction materials and old appliances and equipment. Items such as refrigerants, batteries, and fluorescent lights have regulations on recycling that must be followed to ensure they are disposed of properly. Using restored fixtures, materials, and equipment is cost-reducing and prevents more landfill items. 

Improve the Overall Governance and Implementation of IFM Strategies Today With Help from SMG

IFM strategy integrates a building’s services and operations under one roof and one management team. Reduce your facility management’s carbon footprint by making simple changes such as implementing routine maintenance and actively working to protect the environment. Contact SMG Facilities to improve your IFM strategy goals!

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