3 Tips to Reduce Risk of Commercial Property Damage

When it comes to providing maintenance, there are a few things that need to be evaluated and carefully tracked to reduce the risk of commercial property damage. As the seasons change, there are many areas of the building that may require attention, and as the weather grows warmer, hidden problems may come to light. Facilities Managers need to know a few things about how to reduce the risk of commercial property damage and overcome the challenges that may arise. 

1. Conduct Regular Building Inspections to Find and Address Problems With the Exterior and Interior

Appropriately, conducting regular inspections to address problems with the exterior and interior building allows peace of mind and comfort to the establishment. Regular building inspections that evaluate both outside and inside assets are critical to reducing the risk of commercial property damage. And without regular inspections, it’s easy to overlook critical areas that may need attention. 

For instance, regular building inspections can find possible issues with drafty windows or improperly sealed surfaces. There’s another added implication for improving grounds maintenance too and ensuring maintenance of your fire prevention system. Regardless, the primary takeaway is to always be thorough and reduce risk by keeping all assets in tip-top shape. 

2. Perform Regular and Preventive Maintenance on Your HVAC System

Think back to the last time the HVAC system was serviced. Without proper maintenance, the filters will build dust and allergens that spread throughout your building and cause the system to work harder to keep the temperatures cool during the summer months. The same thing can happen in reverse as the cooler months approach. Now think about what happens when the system works harder with a blockage in place. It will break, however taking a few simple steps to prevent this type of commercial property damage will help to build value by maximizing HVAC system longevity. Simply changing the filters, cleaning the condenser units and coils, and cleaning drain lines that become clogged throughout the season will help to curb the risk of damage. Furthermore, properly maintained HVAC units have a decreased fire risk and form a critical part of precautions against fire, reports FM Link.

Think About the Ongoing Needs That May Not Require Frequent Servicing, Such as Maintaining the Grounds and Parking Areas Too

Aside from all the interior things that may lead to damage, it’s extremely important to think deeply about grounds, parking lots, and garages. If a sudden summer storm hits, there’s an added risk for commercial property damage. And a failure to remove debris could lead to a higher fall risk among your guests and staff. Furthermore, the parking area is often overlooked as an asset. But the damage to the parking area will lead to higher risk and add to the total cost of ownership of your facilities. 

  • Fill any cracks or potholes as standing water will break down your spaces. 
  • Regularly clean and remove debris that fills your garage or lot. 
  • Re-seal the asphalt every two years or as needed as the weather changes will break down and cause disturbances in the pavement. 

When considering exterior maintenance, other needs, such as replacing landscaping or repairing cracks in the sidewalk, should also be in your purview. The cohesive view that considers the inside, outside, and ongoing needs from across all parts of the facility is the only way to truly mitigate building and commercial property damage. 

Get Your Organization Through the Changing Seasons Without Commercial Property Damage by Choosing the Right Facilities Management Solutions Provider

Year by year, facilities’ needs change within the business. And rather than trying to handle all maintenance needs in-house to reduce commercial property damage, it’s equally important to know when to outsource. It all comes down to delegating needs when necessary, which helps keep costs low. And one of the ways to ensure timely and reliable maintenance of your property is by working with a facilities management provider. Choosing the right one for your business provides reassurance, maintains a positive reputation, and reduces your risks of commercial property damage for every season. Connect with SMG Facility Services to get started today.

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